PSD to Xhtml


PSD to Xhtml

The World Wide Web is a fierce battlefield where websites compete with each other for more visibility, a better search engine rank and higher traffic. In such a scenario, expert web designer and developers must use every trick in the book so that their websites look and perform optimally and drive relevant traffic.

In order to build a dynamic and visually appealing website, one of the brilliant strategies is converting design files like PSD (Photoshop files) into mark-up language like XHTML. By breaking down the creative and technical tasks, you can allow your designers and visual artists can to devote their energies towards creating stunning and visually appealing designs while the conversion can be left to expert web developers and coders.

In fact, experienced coders can start with the most common formats like PSD, PNG, Al, etc. and deliver high-quality optimized web pages with hand-coded XHTML and CSS structures that can be easily integrated into most CMS platforms.

Why need PSD to XHTML conversion?

XHTML is the extended version of HTML and is based on the semantic coding that helps your website load faster. This also aids the search engines to track, read and index your website. All of which makes your website rank higher during a search.

A website using XHTML is also cross browser compatible as it is based on the strict W3C coding guidelines. In addition, this mark-up language allows web developers to create well-defined functionalities and make the most of the latest technologies and add-on modules.

XHTML is also ideal for websites being managed through a CMS backend. Pages coded in this language are easily accessible and highly responsive to most popular and standard CMS platforms.

This extended version of HTML also facilitates faster web development because it offers inbuilt tags along with user-defined tags that are easy to work with and allow developers to create engaging web applications.

In addition, features like SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), MathML (Math Markup language) make XHTML an obvious choice for web designers.

PSD to Xhtml Conversion in Jodhpur, India

West India Works is an expert programmer, designer & technology professional service provider who understand your requirements and can deliver seamless quality across all the pages that require PSD to XHTML conversion.

Our expertise stems from the experience we bring to the table and the understanding of the slicing process. We do not use conversion tools but hand code every section so that your website adheres to W3C standards and performs optimally across platforms and browsers ultimately helping you attract quality traffic towards your website

Over the years, we have assisted many of clients to convert their design files into XHTML within a minimum time and at highly affordable rates. Contact Us to learn more about our PSD to XHTML conversion packages.